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Common Sense Of Vintage Hand Embroidery Machine
Apr 12, 2018

After the second-hand computerized embroidery machine, we need to maintain correctly, because both the primary and the secondhand ones need careful maintenance and proper use.

In order to avoid improper use, computer embroidery machine may cause some minor faults.

1. the bottom line of the embroidery machine is overstretched, and can be solved by proper adjustment of the tension between the press plate and the shuttle. The size of the small hole of the needle and the embroidery thread will not be used, and the size of the needle can be selected according to the size of the embroidery thread; the surface line is not lubricated enough and should be used immediately. The silicon oil is lubricated; the spindle tip becomes rough and can be polished by the screwing tips of the spindle, or the dressing and the shuttles; the small holes in the needle are cut off, and the replacement needles need to be adjusted in the proper range; the shuttle becomes rough and obstruct the running of the line, and the shuttle is polished or polished with the sand paper.

2. computer embroidery machine needs a major repair every 4-5 years, mainly to see the overall maintenance of the machine! No matter a few layers of New! The car needs to be adjusted after and back handling! Otherwise the car breakage rate will be very high!

3., when buying computerized embroidery machines, we should pay attention to basic actions such as starting, running, frame changing and changing colors. If there is no exception, there should be no big problems.

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