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Embroidery Machine Operation
Apr 12, 2018

1, ready to be ready to embroider the pattern of style. 2, read the fancy pattern into secondhand computerized embroidery machine. 3, set up the value of all kinds of embroidered patterns. 4, arrange and adjust the strength of bottom line according to the pattern of color. 5, properly determine the direction of embroidery and cut out the direction and tape on the yarn quality. 6, pull the paper. 7, when placing clipping pieces, we should distinguish clearly the top and bottom, the front side, and distinguish clearly the placement line of each style. 8, hold the rod can be moved to the right to open the second-hand embroidery embroidery machine, moderate is 700 revolutions per minute. 9, hold the pull rod to the right hand off to turn off the second-hand embroidery machine, continuing to the left is the needle, and then open the machine is to supplement the embroidery, to ensure that the head of the machine is red when the embroidery. 10, after the embroidery is finished, the frame is placed in the direction of the staff and the clip is recovered. 11, repeat 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of the process can be mass produced.

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