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Four Parts Of The Sewing Machine
Apr 12, 2018

We may have seen the four major components of sewing machines, sewing machines, but do you know what parts of sewing machines are made of? Generally speaking, sewing machines are made up of four parts: nose, chassis, transmission and accessories. Next we will take a detailed look at each part of the sewing machine and its functions.

1. The head of the machine can be said to be the main part of the sewing machine. It is composed of four parts, such as hook line, pick line, spiny material and feed, and the auxiliary mechanism of winding, pressing and falling teeth. The movement of each mechanism is cooperated with each other and circulate, so stitching is stitched up.

2, the transmission part of sewing machine is mainly made up of components such as rack, handshake or motor. The rack is the pillar of the machine, supporting the platform and foot plate. When using, pedal the pedal, drive the pulley wheel through the crank, then drive the head through the belt. Most of the hand or motor are directly mounted on the nose.

3, sewing machine accessories, including bobbin, needle, Youhu, surgery etc..

4, the last is the chassis, which is divided into two forms, the platen and the chassis. The platen of the platen stand plays the role of supporting the machine head, and can be used as a worktable when sewing. There are many types of platen. The chassis of chassis type supports the storage head and makes the sewing machine more convenient for carrying and keeping.

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