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How Do You Choose A Suitable Sewing Machine?
Apr 12, 2018

First of all, before the sewing machine needs to be made clear of the needs of your own: it is suggested that before you choose, make clear the main purpose of the sewing machine, because this will directly affect the quality of your sewing machine. If it is only used for home sewing, it is enough to choose a common household multi-function electric sewing machine. The price is mostly up and down 500 yuan, and if it is used in professional clothing production, or leather, bag, sofa and other production plants, it is recommended to choose a more professional electric sewing machine or thick sewing machine, of course. The price will be a little higher.

Secondly, the choice of the sewing machine brand: at present, the sewing machine is mainly made of domestic and imported products. Many friends may worry that the quality of the domestic brand is not good, but in fact, the technology of the domestic electric sewing machine is already very mature.

Especially for the industrial sewing machine, the quality gap between domestic and imported brands is not very big. From the price point of view, the price of domestic brand sewing machine is obviously lower than that of the imported products. Therefore, if it can meet the needs of its own production and use, it is possible to buy a good quality domestic sewing machine brand.

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