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How To Make The Sewing Machine More Durable
Apr 12, 2018

If you want the sewing machine to be more durable, you should pay attention to your usual maintenance.

First is the external maintenance of the sewing machine.

1, check the various parts of the sewing machine regularly and fill the defective screws.

2, let's see whether the oil standard of high-speed sewing machine meets the standard.

3, cleaning the body parts, to ensure that all parts of the body without dust, grease etc.. It includes platen, wire rack, wire clamp, reverse rack, lower gear board and so on.

Next is the internal maintenance of sewing machine 1, regular check the oil box, fill up the oil. All the oil holes and oil roads should be unimpeded.

2, remove the needle plate regularly and clean the cloth. Refuel at the position of the shuttle.

3, the lubrication of each part of the machine is refueling. The high-speed sewing machine also checks the oil and oil quantity to see if there is any oil leakage. The oil window is bright and the oil road is smooth.

Do these maintenance work to make the sewing machine more durable.

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