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The Importance Of Routine Cleaning Of Extremely Heavy Sewing Machines
Apr 12, 2018

Extremely thick material sewing machine can be made for leather, sofa and other materials with thick texture. Because of the particularity of sewing materials made of extremely thick material sewing machine, the difference between its design and ordinary sewing machine is quite large.

The stitches of the extremely thick sewing machine are thicker, more penetrating, and higher than the ordinary sewing machine, so the wear of the extremely thick sewing machine is much larger than that of the ordinary sewing machine. In daily work, for extremely thick material sewing machine maintenance and maintenance is particularly important.

Dust cleaning for extremely thick material sewing machine is one of the key points for maintenance. The extremely thick sewing machine will produce dust after a period of time. It is very important to dust and lubricate the key parts of the extremely thick sewing machine.

If the machine is used for a long time without cleaning the machine, more dust will be accumulated in the sewing machine, and it may also cause the machine equipment to overheat and reduce the efficiency, which will affect the overall performance of the sewing machine. So we need to clean up the thick thick sewing machine every other time.

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