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The Main Advantages Of Feeding Thick Sewing Machine Up And Down
Apr 12, 2018

The main advantage of the top and bottom feeding sewing machine is that the top and bottom feeding thick sewing machine uses the full seal oil pump automatic refueling, the maximum sewing number can reach 1600 turns per minute, the excellent oil supply system and the advanced structure design, making the sewing machine more stable and high speed transportation.

In addition, the working space has reached 420X210mm, which can basically meet the demand of most parts of the domestic container bag and other thick material production. The up and down feeding thick sewing machine also designs an advanced overload safety clutch device, which can reduce the occurrence of the shuttles and gear displacement and other faults.

The upper and lower material thick sewing machine equipment is mainly aimed at the sewing of thick material. It solves the problem that the common sewing machine is not eating thick when the thick material is sewn, and it is based on the excellent thickness performance that the upper and lower feeding thick sewing machines are well sewed in the sofa, leather leather, canvas and other thick material sewing machines. Application, excellent sewing performance, better guarantee the quality and efficiency of sewing material, is a popular sewing equipment at present.

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