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What Are The Reasons For The Use Of Sewing Machine Noise
Apr 12, 2018

There will always be noise during the repeated use of the thick sewing machine. The sound of this sound for a long time will affect the body of the sewing machine. The reasons are as follows:

1., the tooth surface meshing of our sewing machine is different, resulting in noise when the gear is running at high speed.

2., the noise caused by the axial looseness of the upper shaft, the vertical shaft and the lower shaft.

3. bevel gear tooth surface meshing clearance is too large or too small, causing noise failure.

4. the quality of the gear is not good.

5., due to the failure of the oil circuit system, the movement part is short of oil. We can check or adjust the filter hy-pro fuel oil system.

The 6. rack or head is not installed smoothly.

To sum up, daily manufacturers for large thick material woven sewing machine use, to pay attention, the above analysis of the sound of a few reasons, prevention in the bud.

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